Enter the domain you wish to order an NS-server for:

Order for several domains

NIC.UA name servers can be used both for the domains registered on our website and any other.

  • Servers optimized for heavy loads
  • Located on cloud hosts in the various countries
  • Protected from DDoS-attacks
  • At least three servers work in different data centres simultaneously
  • Almost instant updates
  • IPv6 support

To provide stable operation, we usually use nine cloud NS-servers located in different countries at any given time.

In a case of higher loads, the number of servers can progressively increase. Besides, you don’t need to adjust anything in your domain settings — everything happens automatically.

Name servers cost
  • Free for domains serviced on NIC.UA
  • $10 per year* for domains registered with other operators

*Payments are made in the national currency of Ukraine (UAH) by the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine, all taxes included.