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We added new domains on NIC.UA:

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We also remind you that by the end of spring you can register a couple of domains for the price of one.
Take advantage of good offers to implement your ideas.
Ukrainian business should succeed!

Please note!
The discounts apply for product/service registration for 1 year.
Offer will be valid till May 30, 2022.

Discounts from 50% on IT products3—16 May


discount 50%
50% on domains:
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40% for trademark registration and renewal services
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To increase our rate of economic uplift, we have prepared a cool offer — 50% discount on domains, 40% discount on trademark registration and renewal services, and 30% discount on SSL certificates.

  • *To get a discount on domains and SSL certificates, copy the promo codes from the table and paste them into the appropriate field when paying your invoice.
  • *To get a discount for TM registration or renewal services, leave a request for a free consultation and tell our specialist that you have a promo code.
  • *Remember, discounts are valid on condition of registration of domains and SSL-certificates for 1 year.
  • *Promotion valid from 3 to 16 May 2022.

The peculiarity of the people of Ukraine is that we do not stop, no matter how it is. We work, we build, we study, we produce and we win. Always!
Together to victory!

IT in Ukrainian!19—30 April


discount 50%
On domains:

On hosting:
NIC-S DirectAdmin
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NIC.UA launches a lucrative promotion, where you can register a cool domain and hosting with a 50% discount.

This is a good opportunity to launch new business and support the economic front.
When you register for hosting, you get a domain .site/.online/ as a gift.
*Promotion is valid from today until 30.04.2022.
*Coupon is valid under the condition of registration of domains and hosting for 1 year.

Colleagues, let's overcome the humanitarian disaster in Ukraine together!
Join the International Relief Fund UKRAINE.ME — Save Children of Ukraine.
Your donation will help feed little Ukrainians.

Support the economy of Ukraine!31 March—31 May


We decided to prolong some great offers till the end of spring.

1. Register top domains: .SITE, .STORE, .ONLINE, .TECH, .FUN from $1.99 for the period from 1 to 10 years till the end of spring 2022.

2. When you register any hosting — get domain .ONLINE/.SITE/.CO.UA/.BIZ.UA as a gift.

We also remind you, that NIC.UA has a 15% discount for ALL services until the moment, when Ukraine will win in the war, which was started by russia.
Follow the link to get the promo code and use the discount.

Together to victory!

Stop the war together!14—15 March


Dear customers!

We know that many of you are working and it's the right thing to do. The economy will not raise itself! To support online business, we have decided to give customers of NIC.UA a 15% discount on all our services.

To activate the discount, copy promo code ➡️ SUPPORT15NIC and apply it to your cart.
(Bonuses are not credited when a promo code is used).

- Domain registration
- Hosting
- SSL certificate
- TM registration services
- Renewal

The promo code applies to services of registration of new orders, renewal of existing ones, and transfer of domains to NIC.UA. Valid from March 14, 2022 until the day Ukraine wins!

Check that two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled in your personal account. This is strong protection for your personal information.
To receive emails in your preferred language, change the notification language in your personal account settings.

And now for the main thing!


p>About what it hurts to talk about!
About the humanitarian catastrophe that the children of Ukraine are forced to endure. Each of us can help the evacuated children. Andrey
Khvetkevych, co-founder of NIC.UA, founded the international relief fund UKRAINE.ME — Save Children of Ukraine. The fund's work is aimed at combating the humanitarian catastrophe that Russia's war against Ukraine has provoked.

Let's help feed the children!

We are united and invincible!

Important changes in the work of the company!11—11 March

NIC.UA company suspends the outgoing transfer of domains for the security of domains of our clients. This is a temporary innovation, which is associated with military operations in Ukraine.

Requests for any other actions with the domains are processed by our support service every day during working hours.Requests for transfer of the domain to another registrar are fixed and will be processed after stabilization of the situation in the country.
Support service NIC.UA works during working hours and actively responds to customer questions as received.

Important changes in some domains of Ukraine

During this terrifying time for Ukraine, registry operators announced important changes to help registrants not to lose their domains.

.UA registry (Hostmaster LLC) increases the Redemption period for domain names from 30 to 60 days. Restore of those domains will be available at the price of renewal.
Affected domain names:

  • .COM.UA
  • .KIEV.UA
  • .ORG.UA

The .DP.UA registry introduced similar changes.

The .CO.UA / .BIZ.UA registry notified that at the expiration date of the domain names, they will change status to pendingDelete, but not be deleted. The renewal will be possible at a regular cost.

The changes are temporary and may be extended or canceled.
We will notify you if anything changes

Stop the War!

Put the appeal on your website!

Do you care about the future of Ukraine? Then post a ribbon with an appeal to stop the war on your website. We need to broadcast this appeal wherever possible!
The link to the ribbon leads to the NBU page with the details to help the AFU.

Just copy the code below and add it to your website code.

27 February 2022News

How to protect your account 🔐23—23 February


How is the protection of web-resources formed at NIC.UA?

1. Customer registration data — your authentication data is encrypted and distributed in the clouds all over the world.
2. Cloud DNS servers — when you use NS from NIC.UA, your domains are served on dozens of different name servers around the world. Their number can be increased depending on the load, and you do not need to do anything extra.
3. Geography of hosting servers — hosting servers are located both in Ukraine and in the best data centers in Europe. If your site is located in Ukraine and you want to move it to Europe, just contact us and we will move your resource.
4. Additional copy in Dropbox™ for business — all backup copies of clients websites are stored not only on backup servers, but also are automatically saved in the cloud storage to Dropbox™.
5. Two-factor authentication (2FA) — use Google Authenticator™ or Authy™ for more secure account access. If your account is not already protected by two-factor authentication — turn it on for your account now.
6. Notifications in Telegram and Viber — will not let you forget about the timely renewal of orders. You can enable notifications in your account settings.
7. Auto-renewal of services — if you don't have auto-renewal enabled — do it now in your personal cabinet. Tie a payment card or top up your personal account so that the orders are automatically renewed. Make sure the "auto-renewal" checkbox is checked for the corresponding order.
8. Top-notch support — our support team will answer all your questions and solve all problems, no matter how complex they can be.

We remind you about the February promotion, where you can get a domain + hosting as a gift and get a 30% cashback.

23 February 2022News

30% cashback and hosting+domain for love14—28 February


IT LOVE: return 30% of bonuses for orders on NIC.UA
* Does well bonuses work.

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How to get hosting+domain as a gift

Valentine's Day is a perfect time to confess your love. We're sure you have a beautiful LoveStory to share.
We suggest you write about it in your social networks or just in Stories Instagram / Facebook and tag @NIC.UA to get a free hosting + domain.
* Hosting for 1 month and one of the domains: CO.UA/BIZ.UA/.SITE/.ONLINE

You can declare your love for us or write about how much you love your pet.
Love can be shown in different ways!

When we see the mark, we will immediately send you our gift valentine in your personal social media messages with information about your two gifts:
Hosting (DirectAdmin) + Domain

* Our social networks: Facebook, Instagram.

Love promotion will run from February 14 to February 28, 2022.

We remind you that until the end of winter you can register a couple of domains for the price of 1.

When ordering a .COM.UA domain, get a .ONLINE domain for $0!
When ordering a .CO.UA domain, get a .STORE domain for $0!

Let's talk about love easy!