Cyber Monday greets you!28—30 November

new price

Domains CO.UA/BIZ.UA still yesterday cost 0.84 UAH, and now they cost – 9.80 UAH, subject to the coupon code – CYBER96MONDAY
Didn't have time to register yesterday?
No problem! Such a tenfold increase in price is not terrible at all ;)

Cyber Monday still has some interesting coupons!

  • 25% on domains: .INFO, .CLUB, .EMAIL, .TODAY, .WORLD, .HOST, .COLLEGE, .PRESS, .DESIGN and NIC-S, NIC-M, NIC-L (DirectAdmin) hosting!
    Use coupon – CYBER25MONDAY when paying for your order.
    *No bonuses will be awarded when using the coupon. Valid from 11/28 to 11/30 when registering services for one year
  • 25% discount on TM registration and renewal!
    To get your lawyer's discount, just let them know that you know about the CYBERTM coupon discount
    *Discount applies to agency services only and does not apply to state fees
  • Cashback of 15% for renewal of all services!
    Wow, Cyber Monday left cashback.
    You can prolong all NIC.UA services from November 28 till November 30 and get 15% cashback!
    *Bonuses are credited after the activation of the order. They can pay up to 25% of the bill for any service. More on our website.
    If part of the bill is paid with bonuses, new bonuses will not be credited for this purchase

The Cyber Monday promotion is only valid for two days. Buy everything for your online project – now is your chance!

🖤 The best Friday greets you!24—27 November

new price

In the period from 25.11 to 27.11, NIC.UA clients have incredible discounts:

  • 99.7% for domains CO.UA/BIZ.UA. In monetary terms – it's 0.84 UAH!
    Use coupon – BLACK99FRIDAY when paying for your order.

  • 50% on domains: .INFO, .CLUB, .EMAIL, .TODAY, .WORLD, .HOST, .COLLEGE, .PRESS, .DESIGN and hosting NIC-S, NIC-M, NIC-L (DirectAdmin)!
    Use coupon – BLACK50FRIDAY when paying for your order.
    *No bonuses will be awarded when using the coupon. Valid from 11/25 through 11/27 when registering services for one year

  • 40% discount on registration and a 30% discount on TM renewal!
    It's time to register your trademark. Get a discount on the services of your TM lawyer. Tell them you have a coupon – BLACKTM at the time of contact.
    *Discount applies to agency services only and is not valid for state cathedrals

  • Cashback of 20% on renewals for all services!
    Make sure that the term of previously registered services continues. Treat your domains, hosting, or SSL certificates from November 25th to 27th and get 20% cashback!
    *Bonuses are credited after your order has been activated. With them, you can pay up to 25% of the bill for any service. If part of the bill is paid with bonuses, no new bonuses are added to this purchase. More details on our website

Hurry up! Because as early as November 28 there will be a cyber price hike and the cost of some services will increase tenfold.

Hold on, dear Ukrainians!

TOP domains!10—17 November

new price

For World Shopping Day, we're giving 50% off on cool domains:


The procedure to get a domain at a discount is simple - copy
the coupon 👉 INHALF and apply it when you pay for the selected domains.
*Coupon is valid from 10.11 to 17.11 for the registration of the service for 1 year
*Bonuses are not credited when using the coupon

Register a domain
We have more good news!

Register and renew trademarks with a discount on the services of lawyers accompanying the procedure!

Tell the lawyers the same coupon 👉 INHALF and get:
- 30% on TM registration
- 20% on TM renewal
*Discount applies to agency services only and does not apply to state meeting

Let's keep working, friends, despite the challenges. Nothing lasts forever, including this war. Time has not stopped, it goes on, and when it is over, we will celebrate the victory and rejoice in the results we got because we did not sit still but took every opportunity to develop.

🎃 Halloween – discounts on everything!27 October—7 November

new price

Order NIC.UA services with a 20% discount on:

Apply discount coupon 👉 ORCTOHELL

*Coupon is valid from 27.10.2022 till 07.11.2022 for one year of service registration
*Bonus is not credited when using the coupon

Friends, this year, we have learned that Halloween’s evil spirits aren’t so scary, right?
And while the Ukrainian military is chasing the demons away from our native land, we need to work, gain new knowledge, open new business projects and create a new future for a brave and mighty Ukraine!

Register and renew TM at a 20% discount!
When applying for trademark registration or renewal, tell the lawyer that you have a 👉 ORCTOHELL discount coupon
*Discount applies to agency services only and does not apply to state fees

Have a safe Halloween, friends!

Super OFFER! -30% discount on registration ⬇4—17 October

new price


Hosting(DirectAdmin): NIC-S, NIC-M, NIC-L

Copy coupon ➡ OCTOBER22 for 30% off and hurry to IT shopping.

Register a domain

Register your trademark at a discount!

When you apply for registration of the trademark, tell the lawyer that you have the
coupon ➡ OCTOBER22, and you will get a guaranteed discount on legal services:

  • 30% for registration ТМ
  • 20% for renewal ТМ

Friends, now is the time to create new projects, grow your business, develop websites and boost your economy.
Let’s be above the circumstances, not trapped by them!


  • Bonuses will not be credited if you use this coupon
  • Coupon is valid from 04 to 17 October for 1 year service registration
  • Discount applies to agency services only and does not apply to state charges

🍂 Discounts up to 30%20 September—3 October

new price

Discount on the services of NIC.​UA lawyers in the processes:

  • TM registration — 30%
  • TM renewal — 20%

Do you want a discount?
Tell the lawyers the secret phrase — AutumnMelody and they will understand everything.
*The discount is valid only for the agency's services and does not apply to state fees. Promotion is valid until October 3.

Register TM

Every business has its own name, logo and other marks that separate it from others. These marks must be registered. Only with a trademark registration certificate in hand can you claim that the business is definitely yours, give it away, defend it in court, pass it on as an inheritance, etc. Even Instagram shops need trademark registration.
Read: how to protect your business on Instagram.

NIC.UA will increase prices for some domains from 1 October. Use a coupon not to overpay.

Important information!19 September—1 October


Dear customers!

The company NIC.UA will carry out a planned increase in prices for domains:

The reason for this was inflation and an increase in the cost of the domain administrator.

Register and renew your domains before the new prices take effect.
The current price will be available on October 1 on our website.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our support.

Important changes in some domains of Ukraine!12—12 September

To ensure that customers do not lose their domains, Ukrainian registry operators have announced important changes. In most Ukrainian domains, the Redemption period has been extended at least until the end of martial law. Domain restoration is available at a reduced renewal price.

This applies to domains:

  • .COM.UA
  • .KIEV.UA
  • .ORG.UA
  • .DP.UA

Registry of domains .CO.UA / .BIZ.UA / .PP.UA reported that after the end of the life cycle domains will fall into the status pendingDelete, but will not be deleted.
They can be renewed at the usual cost.
Changes are temporary and their terms can be extended or canceled.
We will notify you if anything changes.

12 September 2022News

🍁 -30% on domains, hosting, and TM services8—18 September


NIC.UA wants to warm up your autumn days with a coupon 👉 FALL30NIC, which gives a 30% discount on:
Hosting (DirectAdmin): S, M, L

Register hosting

Tell about the coupon 👉 FALL30NIC our lawyers when you register your trademark and get a discount on the services of NIC.UA:

  • 30% on registration
  • 20% on prolongation

*Copy the coupon to apply it when you pay for your order
*Bonus will not be added when applying the coupon
*Coupon is valid for registration of service for 1 year
*Coupon is valid from today until September 18, 2022

Ukraine Independent for 31 years!25 August—4 September


Friends, yesterday we celebrated 31 years of independence of our native Ukraine.
And today it’s time to get back to business and think about the economy and business.

You can register your SSL-certificate with a 31% discount.
Copy the coupon 👉 31INDEPENDENCE

Order SSL-certificate

The discount also applies to trademak services:
- registration;
- continuation of trademarks.

When making out a TM, tell our lawyers that you have a 
coupon 👉 31INDEPENDENCE to reduce the cost of agency services by 31%.

*Copy the coupon to apply it when you pay for your order
*Bonus will not be added when applying the coupon
*Coupon is valid for registration of service for 1 year
*Coupon is valid from today until September 4, 2022