Supporting you with 100% cashback + 500 UAH for hosting!1 April—31 May


Quarantine — a high time to grow and start your own business without leaving your home! Register your domain name in the .CO.UA or .BIZ.UA zone and get 100% of the order price back to your bonus account for the further development of your projects.

Register domain

Another good news: after the registration of any domain name you will receive by email a coupon code with a 500 UAH discount for any hosting plan for the website with DirectAdmin control panel. With its help you will be able to provide your website with a reliable hosting almost for free :)

The event is valid before May 31, 2020.

How do the discounts and bonuses work?
After payment, you will receive bonuses automatically. With their help you may pay up to 25% on any order price.
Discounts and bonuses are not aligned. If you use the discount coupon, you don’t receive bonuses and vice versa — when you use your bonuses, the discount is not applicable. You need to choose one option which is more profitable for you.
A coupon with 500 UAH discount won’t be sent to your email after free domain in PP.UA zone registration.

Register top domains from 2 to 5 years at a low price!


Your online business has prospects! We have reduced prices for top domains for the whole 2020 with registration for up to 5 years. Don’t put off your ideas — take the first step on the road to implementing your project by registering a cool domain for several years at a super-competitive price. Check it out*:

Domain1 year3 years5 years

Register domain

After registering a cool domain, take care of hosting for it. Here we’re also happy to help you: order any hosting for a website with the DirectAdmin control panel to get a 50% cashback to your bonus account before May 31, 2020.

*payments are made in UAH at the NBU rate

Let’s go digital — discounts for top domains and cashback for hosting!


Start your business today! Spend the quarantine with benefits not only for your health — register top domains at a low price and get cashback for hosting with bonuses :)

Now you can register top international domains on our website throughout the whole 2020 really cheap. Want to make sure? Check it out*:
⚡️ .SITE for $0,99
⚡️ .STORE for $1,99
⚡️ .ONLINE for $4,99
⚡️ .TECH for $3,49

Register domain

Now you’ll need hosting for sure. Here's what we decided: immediately after registering a domain, order any hosting for a website with the DirectAdmin control panel to get a 50% cashback to your bonus account. Do it before May 31, 2020.

Go digital with your online business!
Take care of yourself and your family. And don’t forget to wash your hands more often 💚

*payments are made in UAH at the NBU rate

Даруємо домен до Дня Валентина! 💓14—20 February


Buy one domain to get the second one almost for free with our event! Especially on this festive winter day. Register any domain* on our website to receive a promo code for the .CO.UA registration just for 1 UAH!
Domains also need a pair :)

You will get a code for the .CO.UA domain in the letter immediately after the payment. The event is valid before February 20, 2020 — don't miss your chance!

*Offer doesn’t apply to the PP.UA domains registration.

Register a domain

Get cool discounts for domains!31 January—7 February

Get super-discounts for the new domain orders:
⭐️ .INFO with a 40% discount — coupon code 31INFON
⭐️ .WEBSITE with a 60% discount — coupon code 31WEBSITEN
⭐️ .CLUB with a 70% discount — coupon code 31CLUBN

Indicate the code while placing an order for a domain on our website. Well, are you ready to start making your dreams come true? Discounts are valid before 7/02/2020 inclusive. Let's go 😉

Get the domain!

NIC.UA now uses IBAN

IBAN is a bank account format used by European countries and other countries of the world.
In accordance with the requirements of the Decree of the NBU Board dated December, 28, 2018 N 162 “On the Introduction of an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) in Ukraine” from January, 13, 2019 we have transferred our bank accounts to the European standard. Now you will find only IBAN accounts in payment receipts for individuals and in invoices for legal entities.

The transition won’t affect the system of payment for services, but will only help to make this process more convenient for all.

Domain Dispute Resolution Policy for .COM.UA domains

The UA-DRP domain dispute resolution policy for domains in the .COM.UA zone began its work on December, 19, 2019.
UA-DRP is a special policy for quick and convenient pretrial settlement of domain disputes, which was created in collaboration with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and domain zone administrators. The consideration of domain disputes in this case is carried out by WIPO arbitrators (there are citizens of Ukraine among them) at the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center.

Earlier this year, the .UA domain zone began to use the adapted policy for Ukrainian domains, and now the policy applies to third-level domains in the .COM.UA zone. Documents about UA-DRP are available on the website of the «Hostmaster» company following the link.

19 December 2019News

Get iPhone 11!18 December—10 January


Start of the New Year's contest from NIC.UA — get iPhone 11 under the Christmas tree! 🎉

So what to do?
♦️ follow NIC.UA on Instagram
♦️ make any order on our website (including free orders)
♦️ tell a story related to domains, websites, trademarks or answer the question “How did IT help my project?”
♦️ IT related stories have a higher chance of winning. Why — read below
♦️ share this story in your Instagram Stories or in a post
♦️ be sure to tag @nic_ua, otherwise we won’t see your stories
♦️ private accounts cannot participate in the event

🍾 Stories that are not related to the IT-sphere participate in the event once.
🍾 Associated with IT, but not with the services of NIC.UA participate in the event 2 times.
🍾 And stories about NIC.UA participate 3 times!

🎁 You can win free domains, certificates for our services and the main prize — iPhone 11 🎁
Every day we will repost your stories and store them in our highlights. All stories will be moderated — we will not accept offensive stories. Let's live in peace!
The event is held before January, 10, 2020. Winners will be selected randomly.

Let's go!

Raising the temperature with our discounts!17—31 December


Warming you up with our discounts on this wonderful winter day: order any hosting plan with the DirectAdmin* control panel with a 20% discount using htg20da coupon code and get the .BIZ.UA domain for only 1 UAH! A great gift for your projects before the holidays :)

You’ll get the magic domain discount code in a letter immediately after paying for your hosting order on our website. The event is valid before December, 31, 2019 — hurry up to make an order for Christmas :)
*You can also get a domain for 1 UAH for ordering any hosting plan with cPanel control panel, but without a 20% discount. The event doesn’t apply to the archive hosting tariffs.

By the way, what are your plans for the New Year? Don’t forget to participate in our New Year's event! Follow us on Instagram and stay tuned — we’re preparing a cool contest. Any thoughts? Tell us about them in the comments in our account to get 1000 UAH to your bonus account. Ready? :)

Register .CO.UA today just for 1 UAH!3—4 December


Cyber Monday smoothly turns into Cyber Tuesday, so we’ve prepared a pleasant surprise for you — register a domain in the .CO.UA zone for only 1 UAH and order hosting for it with a 60% discount! 🔥

You have only 24 hours to use our cyber codes:
⚡️ cyberplus19 for a .CO.UA domain for 1 UAH
⚡️ cyberhst19 for any hosting plan with the DirectAdmin control panel with a 60% discount

Codes are active before tomorrow, December 4, 8 am Kyiv time. Hurry up :)

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