📈 Business development in 2021 and the lottery of iPhone 12!20 January—1 February


😎 Hello! Do you already have a promotion strategy for 2021?

The Internet audience is becoming more whimsical. The entrepreneurs who promote their own business or personal brand online, face difficulties with:

✔️ involving new customers;
✔️ keeping the audience interest;
✔️ selling.

The massive shift to online format has changed the online marketplace. The competitiveness has grown, while adverts in some spheres have stopped to work at all. How to manage all of these? You need a new traffic acquisition strategy. You can create it by looking at the tips of practitioners. Get started today. Register and watch the records of online broadcasts of the “Business in crisis” marathon from experts and practitioners.


After the registration, log in your online account, enter your username / password and watch the broadcasts at a convenient time.

🤩 You will succeed!

📲 We almost forgot about the gift! On January 22, 2021 at 19:00 (Kiev), there will be live prize drawing for IPhone 12. To get on& the air, click here, enter the data you provided during registration and believe in your victory.

To become a member, you need:

✔️ Register on the site;
✔️ Subscribe to us in social networks, for you to always know our news.
We wish you good luck with the drawing and success in developing your business promotion strategy.

Magical holidays, our dear customers!31 December—7 January


🎅 Ho-ho-ho. Listen, he's on his way. 2021 brings happiness, love and a lot of good news to everyone!

🙂 Thanks for your trust and attention to NIC.UA - it is very valuable! 💚

The best gift for us is victories, success and the achievement of new goals by our clients.

Don't stop there and believe in yourself. Let your plans come true in the best possible way. We wish that in 2021 every new day will bring many resources for self-realization. And we will always be there if you need help! 🙌🏼

🎁 We remind you that we have a lot of gifts for you, including discounts, cash coupons, cashback free training videos and the iPhone 12 giveaway. Take part in the draw for a brand new smartphone! Click the button, read the conditions of the drawing and collect gifts!

Giveawey gifts

We wish you happy holidays, cool mood and fulfillment of all your desires. May pleasant miracles happen on New Year's Eve, even if you don't believe in them!

🎄 Happy New Year!

Sincerely yours, NIC.UA team

31 December 2020News

❄️ There have never been such New Year discounts: up to 99% on domains28 December—7 January


In honor of the New Year, we reduce from 40% to 99% of the cost for popular domains and give cash coupons for hosting from 1500 UAH. Cool, isn't it?

Rather, choose the products you need from the list and place your order.

You have time! By the way, domains and hosting are a great gift. Think, maybe in your environment there are those to whom you can donate a popular domain or hosting. What do you say?

Apart from domains and hosting, you should think about the security of your site. We give a 20% discount on SSL certificates. Choose yours.

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🎁 Until January 7, 2021 inclusively, get 30% cashback to your bonus account for renewing and registration of domains, hosting and SSL certificates in NIC.UA

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💥 Become a participant of the iPhone 12 giveaway 💥

✅ register on the «Business in a crisis»


✅ join us on social networks.

Just 2 conditions and you have a chance to win a brand new iPhone 12. There are few participants, so the chances of winning are very high!

Don't miss your chance!

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😎New Year's online marathon23—27 December


💥 New Year's online marathon “Business in a crisis” has started! If you haven't registered yet, please fix it soon ☑️


All participants of the online marathon will take part in the drawing of a brand new iPhone 12.
Register on the website of the online marathon “Business in crisis”, subscribe to us in social networks - and you are a participant in the drawing. We believe that you will be the winner. Follow the speakers, record valuable information and win.

Transition to electronic document management. How to get an EDS?21 December—31 August

Electronic document management is convenient and safe. You can save tons of time by using digital capabilities 100%.

But often these opportunities are ignored due to ignorance of technical issues. How to switch to electronic document management completely and make an electronic digital signature (EDS) read here.

During a pandemic, it is best to avoid unnecessary contacts, including meetings to sign contracts or going to the post office. All this can be done remotely with an EDS.

This way of doing business will open up new opportunities for you.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

21 December 2020News

We organize an online party 🔥23—27 December


✅ Marathon “Business in a crisis” — new strategies for current realities!

Pandemic, lockdown, crisis — not the best time for mass corporate events! An alternative to a corporate event is a marathon with information on how to create and promote a business with a minimal budget 👌
🦈 Marketing and Digital Sharks will talk on how to promote business in 2021; and experienced entrepreneurs will share practical schemes.

Join us!
Visit the site and register.

The start of the marathon is December 23, 2020. We will notify you every day about the start of the broadcast throughout the marathon.

🎁 All broadcast participants will receive valuable gifts!
⚡️ The marathon is free! Live broadcasts will be in the evenings at a convenient time — 19:30 Kiev time.

Program and schedule

21 December 2020News

🎁 20% of the amount to the bonus account18—21 December


The season of gifts is open! Until December 21 inclusively, get 20% of cashback to your bonus account for renewing and registering domains, hosting and SSL certificates.

Click faster on the link to order a new:

❄️ HOSTING (cPanel and DirectAdmin)

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How do discounts and bonuses work?

Bonuses will be credited to your account after order activation. Bonuses can be used to pay up to 25% of the bill for any service. Read more about how bonuses work on our website.

Do not forget: if you paid part of the invoice with bonuses, bonuses will not be credited for this purchase.

✂️ Prices are halved on Black Friday!26 November—1 December


We want to support our clients not by words, but profitable business discounts. Choose a domain, register hosting and start preparing for the New Year and Christmas.

We know — you have a lot of ideas for new projects! Quick, bring them in life and expand your horizons!

🔥 Promotion is valid up to and including December, 01, 2020.

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Hosting NIC-S (Direct Admin)50%50FRIDAYHS
Hosting NIC-M (Direct Admin)50%50FRIDAYMHM
Hosting NIC-L (Direct Admin)50%50FRIDAYHL

COVID-19 complicates the game, but our goal is to win! Are you with us?6 November—31 January

COVID-19 keeps everyone on their toes. We’re concerned about the health of our colleagues and clients, so back in March we decided to work remotely and visit the office only to send documents.

But recently, one of our employees got the virus, most likely while sending mail. Now we have decided to completely abandon the “paper circulation”. Only electronic exchange of documents and signing by electronic digital signature (EDS).

To sign and send documents, we use the easy and intuitive vchasno service. How it works read here.

It is legal, fast and safe for health.

Moreover, it is a step towards freedom from “paper dependence”.
Legal force of an electronic signature
What is an electronic digital signature (EDS)?
EDS: instructions for obtaining and using

Yes, the virus does not “travel” on documents. But it can be transmitted by contact in the queue for the parcel.

Let's be among the first to find effective ways to deal with the extreme conditions created by COVID-19!
We will always find a solution, even if the enemy is invisible and insidious!
Take care of yourself and your loved ones.
We’re united!

🎃 Terribly profitable bonuses instead of sweets from NIC.UA!30 October—2 November


Annushka has already poured some oil ...
Someone has already registered a domain and received 30% of the order price back to the bonus account*! Do you believe?
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Please note: bonus points are not applied to the cloud servers, the archive hosting plans and during the discount application or payment of the part of the account by bonuses.

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