Superpromotion!24 January—28 February


Period from 1 to 10 years

You asked for it, we did — reduced prices on domains!

.ONLINE $2.99$6.00

Register a domain

Be aware: The prices in the table are indicated for one year for the first year of registration and each subsequent year from 2 to 10 years of registration.

Besides this, you can register a bundle: the same name in different domain zones, and the second domain is provided free of charge!

When you order a .COM.UA domain you get the .STORE domain $ 0!
When you order a .COM.UA domain you get the .ONLINE domain $ 0!
When you order a .COM domain you get the .ONLINE domain $ 0!

Why do you need 2 domains (bundles)?
1. Protection against cybersquatting: so that no one can use your domain name in another area for dishonest purposes.
2. The ability to develop in different business areas – if you implement different products/services within the framework of one project, you can successfully choose your domain zone for them.

Discounts do not apply to premium domains

Congratulations to the winners!17—17 January

The New Year's promotion has ended, and we are happy to announce our list of winners!

Winners of the 300 UAH prize will be credited to their NIC.UA bonus account:

  • 435055-3456834 ig****
  • 75742-3457789 us****
  • 296072-3457997 t0****
  • 103255-3458794 an****
  • 475161-3461595 dy****
  • 34777-3461835 s.o.****
  • 7694-3462326 po****
  • 500091-3462813 di****
  • 6326-3463095 ma****
  • 431526-3463129 le****
  • 239883-3463184 pe****
  • 425203-3464136 zo****
  • 019-3464705 d***
  • 6759-3464717 re****
  • 442858-3465491 yu****
  • 379309-3466379 a0****
  • 321758-3466286 fl****
  • 309454-3467054 s_****
  • 262309-3467004 lu****
  • 314300-3467302 ol****

You can familiarize yourself with the bonus mechanism on the website.

Winners of the 500 UAH prize will be credited to their NIC.UA personal account:

  • 45429-3457562 a****
  • 8487-3460105 ol****
  • 398642-3460427 ka****
  • 309697-3461032 cit****
  • 119678-3462267 sup****
  • 175106-3462166 ag****
  • 249741-3462603 in**@****
  • 500115-3463246 lo****
  • 500151-3463874 sa****
  • 397652-3465104 ost****
  • 66971-3466629 sal**@**
  • 430964-3466652 ma****

Congratulations to our lucky winners! Wishing you peace, prosperity, and continued success in the new year.

🔥 Great news!4—6 January

new price

The terms of the New Year's promotion have been changed:

  • 20 customers who make an order in the amount from 600 to 999 UAH will receive – 300 UAH on their own NIC.UA bonus account

  • 12 customers who make an order in the amount of 1000 UAH and more will receive – 500 UAH on their NIC.UA account

The chances of winning have increased!
Order the necessary services at favorable prices now and take part in the giveaway of funds for future purchases.
The promotion is valid until January 6, 2023.

Winners will be selected randomly while using a reliable service.
How to use the bonuses – read on the website.

In addition, we give a 25% discount on domain transfers.
Copy the promo code – TRANSFER25NIC and transfer the domain to us.

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2023 has come.1—1 January

new price

If only he knew how much hope Ukrainians put on it. Truly, remembering the last year, every Ukrainian with a trembling heart would feel pinching pain, the pain which he cannot forget and leave in the past. Because this hurt reminds of what invincibility, recalcitrance, and independence are made of.

Friends, we wish us all peace, calm skies, warmth, and light in our homes. May our dearest ones always be with us, and may our hearts remain peaceful. We wish you prosperity and success in all efforts.
Let things progress upward, strengthening the well-being of each of you!

And the most important thing! Remember that today we are greeting the New Year 2023 on our native soil owing to the courage and indestructibility of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are grateful to them for that!
May the unity of our people remain strong and unbreakable forever.
We wish us all a sooner victory and liberation of Ukraine.

Happy New Year, friends!

Important information!23 December—1 January


Dear customers!

The company NIC.UA will carry out a planned increase in prices for domains:

The reason for this was inflation and an increase in the cost of the domain administrator.

Register and renew your domains before the new prices take effect.
The current price will be available on January 1, 2023 on our website.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our support.

The working schedule for the New Year holidays21 December—3 January

Dear customers! In this challenging year of 2022, we can always be in touch with you.

During the holidays, the support service of NIC.UA will work according to the schedule:

  • December 26 – from 9:00 to 18:00 (13:00-14:00 – break)

  • January 1, 2023 – altogether, a day off (support is not working)

  • January 2, 2023 – 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. – break)

    Happy holidays and peaceful skies!

    21 December 2022News
  • Win ⬇️21 December—6 January

    new price

    Up to 500 UAH for purchases and −25% on transfers!

    Order and prolong your services on NIC.UA in the period from 21.12.2022 to 06.01.2023 and become participants of the New Year drawing of money presents:

    • 10 customers who ordered from 600 to 999 UAH will receive 300 UAH in their bonus account.
    • How to use the bonuses — read on a website.

    • 6 customers who ordered of 1000 UAH or more will receive 500 UAH on the personal account of NIC.UA.

    In addition, we give a 25% discount on domain transfers.
    Please copy the promo code: TRANSFER25NIC, and transfer the domain to NIC.UA.

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    Of course, Ukrainians don't think about fun right now.
    All efforts focus on supporting business, their own lives, and their home country.
    But we want to make you smile.
    Order your usual services at NIC.UA and get a chance to win money.

    If you want, you can send your winnings to the humanitarian aid fund UKRFUND to help fight the consequences of war in Ukraine.

    Cyber Monday greets you!28—30 November

    new price

    Domains CO.UA/BIZ.UA still yesterday cost 0.84 UAH, and now they cost – 9.80 UAH, subject to the coupon code – CYBER96MONDAY
    Didn't have time to register yesterday?
    No problem! Such a tenfold increase in price is not terrible at all ;)

    Cyber Monday still has some interesting coupons!

    • 25% on domains: .INFO, .CLUB, .EMAIL, .TODAY, .WORLD, .HOST, .COLLEGE, .PRESS, .DESIGN and NIC-S, NIC-M, NIC-L (DirectAdmin) hosting!
      Use coupon – CYBER25MONDAY when paying for your order.
      *No bonuses will be awarded when using the coupon. Valid from 11/28 to 11/30 when registering services for one year
    • 25% discount on TM registration and renewal!
      To get your lawyer's discount, just let them know that you know about the CYBERTM coupon discount
      *Discount applies to agency services only and does not apply to state fees
    • Cashback of 15% for renewal of all services!
      Wow, Cyber Monday left cashback.
      You can prolong all NIC.UA services from November 28 till November 30 and get 15% cashback!
      *Bonuses are credited after the activation of the order. They can pay up to 25% of the bill for any service. More on our website.
      If part of the bill is paid with bonuses, new bonuses will not be credited for this purchase

    The Cyber Monday promotion is only valid for two days. Buy everything for your online project – now is your chance!

    🖤 The best Friday greets you!24—27 November

    new price

    In the period from 25.11 to 27.11, NIC.UA clients have incredible discounts:

    • 99.7% for domains CO.UA/BIZ.UA. In monetary terms – it's 0.84 UAH!
      Use coupon – BLACK99FRIDAY when paying for your order.

    • 50% on domains: .INFO, .CLUB, .EMAIL, .TODAY, .WORLD, .HOST, .COLLEGE, .PRESS, .DESIGN and hosting NIC-S, NIC-M, NIC-L (DirectAdmin)!
      Use coupon – BLACK50FRIDAY when paying for your order.
      *No bonuses will be awarded when using the coupon. Valid from 11/25 through 11/27 when registering services for one year

    • 40% discount on registration and a 30% discount on TM renewal!
      It's time to register your trademark. Get a discount on the services of your TM lawyer. Tell them you have a coupon – BLACKTM at the time of contact.
      *Discount applies to agency services only and is not valid for state cathedrals

    • Cashback of 20% on renewals for all services!
      Make sure that the term of previously registered services continues. Treat your domains, hosting, or SSL certificates from November 25th to 27th and get 20% cashback!
      *Bonuses are credited after your order has been activated. With them, you can pay up to 25% of the bill for any service. If part of the bill is paid with bonuses, no new bonuses are added to this purchase. More details on our website

    Hurry up! Because as early as November 28 there will be a cyber price hike and the cost of some services will increase tenfold.

    Hold on, dear Ukrainians!

    TOP domains!10—17 November

    new price

    For World Shopping Day, we're giving 50% off on cool domains:


    The procedure to get a domain at a discount is simple - copy
    the coupon 👉 INHALF and apply it when you pay for the selected domains.
    *Coupon is valid from 10.11 to 17.11 for the registration of the service for 1 year
    *Bonuses are not credited when using the coupon

    Register a domain
    We have more good news!

    Register and renew trademarks with a discount on the services of lawyers accompanying the procedure!

    Tell the lawyers the same coupon 👉 INHALF and get:
    - 30% on TM registration
    - 20% on TM renewal
    *Discount applies to agency services only and does not apply to state meeting

    Let's keep working, friends, despite the challenges. Nothing lasts forever, including this war. Time has not stopped, it goes on, and when it is over, we will celebrate the victory and rejoice in the results we got because we did not sit still but took every opportunity to develop.