Personal discount

Buy on NIC.UA and get a permanent discount of 5%, 10%, 15% or 20%. Your discount will grow depending on the amount of bonus hryvnias you earn on NIC.UA.

50+ bonus hryvnias
100+ bonus hryvnias
150+ bonus hryvnias
200+ bonus hryvnias

The more bonus hryvnias you get, the bigger is your discount. To get a 5% discount, the total number of your bonus points should be more than 50. To have a 10% discount get more than 100 bonus hryvnias, for 15% one get more than 150 bonus hryvnias, and for 20% one get more than 200 bonus hryvnias.

Bonus points

Every NIC.UA customer can earn bonus points. Pay for any orders — either new or existing (renewal) — and get 10% of their summ to your bonus account. Use your bonus points to pay up to 25% of your next invoice.

you get from any order
of your order can be paid with the bonus points

From time to time, we offer extra bonus points. If you do not want to miss such promotions, follow NIC.UA newsletter and regularly check our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Attention: discounts and bonus points are not applied for the cloud servers, the archive hosting plans and premium domains.

Why it is convenient

With bonus points, you can buy any service at a discount, even if there is no promotion.

In addition, you can use bonus points to pay for renewal of your domain names and web hosting services. Promotional code discounts only apply to new orders.

Expiry of bonus points

Bonus points remain valid for 3 months from the date they are credited to your account. Once you get new bonus points, the validity of all bonus points on your account is renewed for another 3 months. If within 3 months you do not use up your bonus points and do not get new bonus points, then your bonus account will be locked, and after 3 more months your bonus points will be forfeited.

Expiry of bonus points
3 months

To unlock your bonus points, all you need to do is get new bonus points by ordering a new service or renewing an existing one. You can always check the expiration date of your bonus points in your account → «Personal Accounts».

How to use bonus points

To use your bonus points in your next order, proceed to checkout, then:

  • Go to “Payment with bonus points” and enter no more than 25% of the invoice amount in the field “Pay”
  • Click “Pay”
  • You will see a notice on successful payment
  • Choose another payment method and pay your invoice in full to complete your order

If you paid your invoice partially and went to another page, do the following to return to the partially paid invoice:

  • Go to “My invoices”
  • Select the last invoice that you paid partially using your bonus account and pay the rest using a payment method of your choice.

Restrictions and additional terms

  1. Bonus point discount is added to your permanent discount on NIC.UA in a way that you can partially pay your invoices using your bonus points.
  2. Bonus points are not awarded when you top up your personal account.
  3. Bonus points are awarded only at the time an order is activated, including those cases when you pay using funds from your account.
  4. Bonus points are not awarded, if you redeem coupone codes. If there is at least one item in your shopping cart to which you applied a promotional code, you won’t be able to use your bonus points to pay the invoice.
  5. Bonus points are not awarded for the amount of invoice that you paid using your bonus points.
  6. The last date your bonus points were redeemed or credited to your account is considered the date of the last transaction in your bonus account.
  7. NIC.UA LLC reserves the right to revise the terms of the discount program.