Trademark registration

Register a trade mark for the safety of your business. Our lawyers will control a trade mark registration process, extend it in time, and apply for a domain registration.

How TM registration is processed?

  • We conduct a preliminary search to make sure your trade mark can be registered.
  • We prepare documents for TM registration and send you them for approval.
  • We submit an application to a Patent Office and pay government charges.
  • We inform you about the progress of TM registration and send you documents issued by the Patent Office.
  • After TM registration, we pay government charges and duty for issuance of a trade mark certificate.
  • After the publication of your trade mark, we apply for .UA domain registration.

Registration fee


7,685.00 ₴
12–24 months


14,405.00 ₴
7–8 months

The price is specified for registration of verbal TM in black and white within one class for one applicant — a resident of Ukraine.
Registration under the accelerated procedure is possible after the end of martial law, according to the decision of Ukrpatent.

Additional services

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