Enter the domain name you want to transfer

To transfer domains, you need a secret code — ask your current registrar. If he needs the identifier of a new registrar, find it in the knowledge base.

Transferring of more than one domain

Transfer domains from other registrars or between the NIC.UA accounts in three simple steps:

  • 1

    Enter the name and the secret code

    To start a transfer, ask for the secret transfer code from your current registrar, at the same time specify the NIC.UA identifier.

    Domains Identifier Legal entity
    ua.nic NIC.UA LLC
    nic-mnt-cunic NIC.UA LLC
    in.ua nic-mnt-inua NIC.UA LLC
    dp.ua dp.nic NIC.UA LLC
    nic-mnt-eunic NIC.UA LLC
    nic-mnt NIC.UA LLC

    Specify the identifier for other domains from our support service.

  • 2

    Domain renewal

    In many cases when transferring a domain you have to renew it for one year. We’ll bill you for renewal, and it is to be paid during 10 days. If you don’t pay it, the transfer won’t be successful. If you receive a bill for 0 UAH the transfer is free, and you don’t have to renew it, but you have to confirm transfer in your e-mail.

  • 3


    After you pay, the bill transfer will start. Transfer of a Ukrainian domain takes 1-5 days, transfer of an international domain takes 5-15 days.

    When you transfer international and some other domains you will be asked to confirm the transfer in an e-mail. You will also have to confirm RAA to transfer international domains.