Domain .bid supports latin letters, it doesn’t support international symbols (cyryllic).

Minimum number of symbols is 3, maximum number is 63.

For more information on peculiarities of private registration of domain names see the regulations: Domain rules .BID

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Frequently Asked Questions About .bid

  • Where can I buy a .bid domain?
  • You should buy a domain in NIC.UA, we have a bonus program for clients, which will allow to register domains cheaper.
  • How much costs .bid?
  • The price of .bid domain depends on your accumulated discount.
  • How do I buy .bid at a lower price?
  • Join our affiliate program to increase your bonuses. These can be redeemed at the checkout.
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Period Price Total Economy
1 year 2,052.42 ₴ 2,052.42 ₴
2 years 2,031.86 ₴ 4,063.71 ₴ 41.13 ₴
3 years 2,021.64 ₴ 6,064.92 ₴ 92.34 ₴
4 years 2,011.39 ₴ 8,045.57 ₴ 164.11 ₴
5 years 2,001.13 ₴ 10,005.65 ₴ 256.45 ₴
6 years 1,990.86 ₴ 11,945.17 ₴ 369.36 ₴
7 years 1,980.59 ₴ 13,864.12 ₴ 502.82 ₴
8 years 1,970.31 ₴ 15,762.51 ₴ 656.86 ₴
9 years 1,960.08 ₴ 17,640.73 ₴ 831.05 ₴
10 years 1,949.80 ₴ 19,497.99 ₴ 1,026.21 ₴

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Features of the domain .BID?

Top-level domain.
It was created in 2014.

A domain zone specifically for buying and selling any goods through auctions and bidding. The peculiarity of the domain is that the name will help your potential audience clearly understand that they will be able to realize their goods and needs here.

A domain can register all persons without exception, both private and legal. The domain has no geographical reference.

Why should I choose a domain .BID?

The most important thing in selling and buying is knowing where it is actively in demand. That is specialized online venues where potential buyers and sellers are found. The domain zone is for big and exclusive items and small everyday items. Various stock exchanges will also be acceptable with this domain because the domain translation is directly related to the purpose of these organizations.

All actions with the domain are fully automated and go through domain name registrars.