Domain supports latin letters and international symbols (cyryllic).

Minimum number of symbols is 1, maximum number is 63.

For more information on peculiarities of private registration of domain names see the regulations: Domain rules .COM.UA

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Period Price Total Economy
1 year 386.39 ₴ 386.39 ₴
2 years 382.53 ₴ 765.05 ₴ 7.73 ₴
3 years 380.59 ₴ 1,141.77 ₴ 17.40 ₴
4 years 378.66 ₴ 1,514.63 ₴ 30.93 ₴
5 years 376.73 ₴ 1,883.64 ₴ 48.31 ₴
6 years 374.80 ₴ 2,248.77 ₴ 69.57 ₴
7 years 372.86 ₴ 2,610.04 ₴ 94.69 ₴
8 years 370.93 ₴ 2,967.45 ₴ 123.67 ₴
9 years 369.00 ₴ 3,320.99 ₴ 156.52 ₴
10 years 367.07 ₴ 3,670.67 ₴ 193.23 ₴

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.COM.UA domain zone is a second-level public domain (an analog of the .COM domain zone). It’s the most familiar domain in Ukraine — almost half of all Ukrainian domain names are registered in this domain zone at the moment. According to the data, the number of registered domain names in .COM.UA zone was more than 300 000 as of 2019.

Domain Features

.COM.UA is the most widespread general-purpose domain in Ukraine today. It was registered in 1995. Companies from Ukraine and territorial divisions of world corporations (for example, place their Internet resources in this zone. The domain is used to create business-card portals, homepages, online stores, landing pages, etc.
The UA-DRP domain dispute resolution procedure.

Advantages of using the .COM.UA domain

  • easy-to-remember domain name: .COM.UA domain names are widely known among internet users of Ukraine;
  • suitable for multi-purpose portals (blog, online store, etc.);
  • open domain registration — there are no restrictions or special conditions.
Note that you can have an issue with finding a suitable name. The significant part of the most popular combinations are already registered.

Technical aspects of registration

  • you can use a domain in the .COM.UA zone right away after payment and verification of the submitted registration information;
  • the registration procedure is automated;
  • domain registration is allowed to organizations and individuals;
  • the minimum term for delegation of a domain name is 1 year, the maximum — 10 years;
  • the registration procedure is available to the residents of Ukraine and citizens of the other countries;
  • the allowed length of the domain name is from 3 to 63 combinations of characters (numbers and/or Latin/Cyrillic letters);
  • the registrant has 28 days to renew the .COM.UA domain name after the expiration date with the regular price. After that, the domain name will be placed to the Redemption Period for another 30 days when you still can restore the registration. The restore operation itself isn’t guaranteed — if the restore process failed, the full amount of payment would be returned to your account.
  • If the Registrant does not renew or restore their domain name 58 days after the expiration date (28 days of the priority renewal period + 30 days of domain restore) - he loses the priority right to restore the domain, and anyone can restore it. The cost of restoration after the expiration of this period starts at 400 USD and is not guaranteed.