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Minimum number of symbols is 1, maximum number is 63.

For more information on peculiarities of private registration of domain names see the regulations: Domain rules .KIEV.UA

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Features of the domain .KIEV.UA
KIEV.UA domain zone was created in 1997.
It is a regional second-level domain of general-purpose. Public domain, which is an integral part of the main Ukrainian domain .UA.

The domain zone is intended for the sites of those companies that are located in Kiev and Kiev region. This may be a window business, electrician services, beauty salon, or social activities. In addition, in the capital domain, zone you can register a domain for a school, sports complex, speech therapy, or development center. There are no restrictions.

Why should I choose .KIEV.UA?
The advantage is that the domain will immediately let you know what city or region you are in. If you are a blogger from Kiev and you write about your city or your hobbies, this domain will be the best choice. Buying .KIEV.UA domain leads to automatic reservation of domain .KYIV.UA. You can buy it together with your main domain and you can have other domain zones, for example .UA or .COM.UA. It can serve as a protection for your business on the Internet.
Domain zone KIEV.UA is not just a beautiful domain for your site, but also the flow of Ukrainian traffic with sincere and involved visitors.
All actions with the domain are fully automated and held through domain name registrars.

Domain name KIEV.UA falls into the category of "Regional domain names" because it refers to a particular region of Ukraine.
Regional domain KIEV.UA is considered from a practical point of view, if the activity is carried out in a particular city.
The domain name of the site may be in the form your-site.KIEV.UA and suitable for regional online stores or representatives of large businesses in a particular city.
The potential of the regional domain does not end here. Register a regional domain can be for any organization and individuals. It can be: schools, libraries, charitable foundations or local bloggers, communities and photographers. It all depends on your imagination.
Prices for KIEV.UA domain are published above.