Discounts from 50% on IT products


discount 50%
50% on domains:
discount 40%
40% for trademark registration and renewal services
discount 30%
30% on all SSL certificates

To increase our rate of economic uplift, we have prepared a cool offer — 50% discount on domains, 40% discount on trademark registration and renewal services, and 30% discount on SSL certificates.

  • *To get a discount on domains and SSL certificates, copy the promo codes from the table and paste them into the appropriate field when paying your invoice.
  • *To get a discount for TM registration or renewal services, leave a request for a free consultation and tell our specialist that you have a promo code.
  • *Remember, discounts are valid on condition of registration of domains and SSL-certificates for 1 year.
  • *Promotion valid from 3 to 16 May 2022.

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