Save money with NIC.UA

save money

We wanted to inform you about an upcoming price increase in NIC.UA, effective August 1, 2023.

Due to inflation and rising domain administration costs, we'll adjust the prices for the following domain: .SITE, .WEBSITE, .FUN, .TECH and .SPACE.

Before these new prices take effect, we encourage you to take advantage of the current rates by registering or renewing your domains.

The good news is that the first-year registration for domains like .FUN, .SITE, .TECH and .SPACE will remain at the incredibly low price from $1,99. This also applies to .ONLINE and .STORE domains. Just look for the «PROMO» label when searching for available domains.

Furthermore, you have the fantastic opportunity to register the same name in different domain zones, and we'll even provide the second domain for free! For instance, when you register a .COM.UA domain, you'll get a .ONLINE domain for free! Similarly, if you register a .CO.UA domain, you'll receive a .STORE domain at no extra cost!


Additionally, if you order any of our hosting packages, you will get a promo code to register one of the following domains — .SITE, .ONLINE, .CO.UA or .BIZ.UA — absolutely free!


Please note that these promotions do not apply to premium domains.